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Corporate values


Mission - Our purpose

Our professional determination is to design, manufacture, market, and assembly. All in all, our main task is to install and maintain all type of industrial closing systems and sectoring fire doors. Our production is personalised according to the client's requests. We are open to innovation and to the continuous development and improvement of our product. Besides from the traditional projects, we are proud of being the reference point of that which seems impossible to achieve. We design the ideal solution for each type of task or venture. 

One of our added values is the high technical qualification of all our collaborators, reason for which we are very much taken into account by both construction partners and developers in many projects. We do not only assess the best solution, but we also provide design, technical drawings, and all the product’s technical documentation as well as its corresponding certificates and approvals. 

Corporate Values

We are committed to generating the client's full enthusiasm for our brand, and the total satisfaction regarding the product and services we provide, always performing with integrity and delivering competitive and world-class quality products. We have an excellent human team, engaged and involved in both the mission and the vision of our company. We constantly train our teams in aptitudes, with the objective of having the most qualified staff in the sector; and in attitudes so that they are able to enjoy the project.

All our teams share and respect our corporate values: 

  • Promote the client’s satisfaction, always trying to exceed its expectations
  • Individual responsibility concerning professional and personal situations
  • Absolute respect for all the entities involved in a project and consideration for their different points of view.
  • Corporate humility and ornamental austerity in the way we transmit our values
  • Continuous improvement
  • Respect for times and sense of urgency

Vision - Our Continuous Project

We are working hard to reach a leader position of what the management of projects is concerned. Projects are conducted with the highest quality in raw materials , organisation and productive creativity. The four pillars of our vision define the company’s long-term direction, that is, where we want to go and how we are going to get there: 

  • We work to create a pleasant environment in a company that generates enthusiasm and a high level of professional involvement that will guarantee one of our utmost objectives:  an excellent and personalised customer service
  • We want to be a reference within the sector. We aim to create a group brand and to position it as an indisputable leader in quality products and professionalism

  • Our intention is to be the desired partners in any emblematic or large project,  from the design of solutions, to the presentation of proposals and their realisation

  • Be in the top of mind of our client when they think about design, passion for quality products and utter respect for prevailing regulations

  • We believe that the best way to sustainably grow as a company in order to keep generating value for the client is to look into new ways of doing business without reducing our working commitments and values

Our long-term success requires total commitment with exceptional levels of  performance and productivity. Our target: work efficiently, willing to accept new ideas and be permanently learning.  

Responsibilities assumed:

Without quality there is no leadership. Alfa Torres fully adjusts to the quality management systems in force, adapting each activity to new regulation changes, conducting with corporate rigour in the compliance of the maximum standards. We believe that in order to be successful, high standards of corporate behaviour towards our employees are required as well as to our clients and all the collaborators and suppliers with which with professionally co-exist.  

We continuously assume the great responsibility of trying to exceed our client’s expectations.

This commitment is depicted in specific actions that seek to benefit all the parts involved within the company’s activities (shareholders, employees, suppliers, distributors and the entire community). It is always enriching for us to listen to the opinions and interests of these different parties always taking them into consideration at the time to conduct any kind of project.

Our main guidelines are:  

  • To contribute to the economic development and quality of life of our employees and their families, and pay attention to the social policy in force
  • To be continuously evaluating the professional performance of our employees and the design of their career plans.
  • Pursue energetic saving and efficiency in all the company’s areas and processes
  • Maintain the maximum quality standards of all our products, without taking part in the competitive game of reducing costs in exchange of reducing quality

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About us

  • Office

    Mission - Our purpose Our professional determination is to design, manufacture, market, and assembly. All in all, our main task is to install and maintain all type of industrial closing systems and sectoring...

  • In Alfa Torres we are continuously looking for the excellence in our results and to do so, we create lasting relationships based on trust, respecting our core values​ at all stages​: Honesty, Responsibility, Discipline...

  • Alfa Torres is the group’s main plant of  a corporate group with more than 96 years experience in the sector of industrial doors, sectoring fire doors and automatisms, with a clear service vocation aimed at adapting and personalising each of its systems and products to every customer’s specific requirements.

    Alfa Torres is the main company of a corporate group with more than 96 years of experience in the industrial door sector, sectoring fire doors, and industrial automation. Alfa Torres has a clear ...