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Engaged to generating the Client's Enthusiasm towards our Brand and the Total Satisfaction prompted by our Product and Service

We are committed to generating enthusiasm among our clients for our brand and what we are constantly seeking for is their satisfaction towards the product and service that our company provides. The employees in charge of the installations constitute the Alfa Torres Technical Installation Team. This department is composed by a hardworking human team very much involved with the values of the company, together with its mission and vision.

Our employees are being continuously formed according to their role in the company. Their objective is to give technical response to any upcoming circumstances in every installation. Thus, it is very important in the company’s interest that its employees enjoy what they are doing, and we work hard to make sure that this remains always true.

Just like the rest of the departments of our company, as members of the Technical Service in Alfa Torres, we are engaged to generate utter client satisfaction regarding our brand and product. By acting at all times with integrity, we create a feeling of trustworthiness because of our ambition concerning service and professional installations. Another fact that needs to be highlighted in relation to our service is that we provide completely personalised product installations, paying special attention to all details and finishes of all projects we re involved.

In addition to standard jobs we, as an industrial company, do, we are proud of being a reference point of what might be considered as nearly impossible. We design the right solution for each type of project, regardless of how complicated it may seem. Not only we give our clients advise about the best solution of any problem, but we also provide the design, the technical drawings and documentation, and the related product certifications and approvals needed in each case.

Every team in Alfa Torres shares and respects the Group's corporate values​​, which are:

·         Promote the client’s satisfaction, always trying to exceed its expectations.

·         Individual responsibility regarding professional and personal situations.

·         Absolute respect for all the interlocutors and their different points of view.

·         Corporate humility and ornamental austerity in the way we transmit our values.

·         Continuous improvement

·         Respect for times and sense of urgency. 

Feel free to let us  know your impressions or opinions about the professionalism of our technicians. We are continuously improving and developing improvement plans based on our mistakes, which we value in a constructive way to make our reputation grow every day.

Recent works

  • Data Center Bastogne

    Alfa Torres designs and manufactures high security doors for the biggest facility of bank data in Europe. BNP Paribas, one of the leading Financial Groups in Corporate & Investment Banking with presence in over 80...

  • SMP Polinyà Plant

    ALFA TORRES remodeling works in SMP Automative Technology Group production plant SMP is a leader in Europe in the transformation of plastics for the automotive industry. The business group to which it belongs has more than 70,...

  • Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I Hotel, Barcelona

      Alfa Torres has provided solutions for the renovation of the building of the Rey Juan Carlos I Hotel in Barcelona by designing, manufacturing and installing hinged fire doors, sliding fire doors and fireproof curtains...

About us

  • Office

    Mission - Our purpose Our professional determination is to design, manufacture, market, and assembly. All in all, our main task is to install and maintain all type of industrial closing systems and sectoring...

  • In Alfa Torres we are continuously looking for the excellence in our results and to do so, we create lasting relationships based on trust, respecting our core values​ at all stages​: Honesty, Responsibility, Discipline...

  • Alfa Torres is the group’s main plant of  a corporate group with more than 96 years experience in the sector of industrial doors, sectoring fire doors and automatisms, with a clear service vocation aimed at adapting and personalising each of its systems and products to every customer’s specific requirements.

    Alfa Torres is the main company of a corporate group with more than 96 years of experience in the industrial door sector, sectoring fire doors, and industrial automation. Alfa Torres has a clear ...